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Glass Buildings

With 30 years of experience, SANICA, having been established since 1987, is a leading manufacturer and is one of Europe’s 5 largest producers of bathtubs . SANICA is a respectable brand well known in the world, producing 7 manufacturing plants in 2 countries and exporting it’s products to more than 70 countries.

SANICA Heat panel radiator facilities also were established in 2003 and has one of the largest capacity production plants in Europe.

Glass Buildings

iFlow is a Canadian Technology invention. Its establishment is based on CSA-P9-2011 Energy Efficiency Performance. Rating for Combined space and domestic water heating system.
​Total Hydronic Furnaces (aka Air-Handler or AHU) is indoor equipment of an HVAC system that efficiently transfers and moves heated or cooled air throughout the duct-work of your home. ​The next generation of Heating & Cooling Solutions, provides optimum efficiency delivers monthly savings through Zoning technology. 
Significantly raising the bar for HVAC Solutions in North America for New Construction & Retrofit.

Glass Buildings

More than 80% of Giacomini's revenue comes from worldwide markets, with 3 Italian production facilities, 17 international subsidiaries, 950 employees and 70 tons of brass processed each day.
Mission: To become a leading company in the production of components and systems that use water to produce comfort, to manage water usage "in suit" and to extinguish fire.
​All of this with a strong green attitude.

Glass Buildings

East-Asia Valve Industrial Co., Ltd locates in Yuhuan town, Zhejiang province, lying in Shamen Bingang Industrial City.

     The company has advanced production equipment's, testing facilities, and quality assurance system, that lead selling its products mainly in North America and in its major hardware stores.

Since 1994, the company pays much attention to its own advantages, that helped established sales network.

    The company participates in the fierce market competition by the spirit of

“Quality First, Credibility First”

gained customers’ trust by its first-class product quality, competitive price and sales service.

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