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Glass Buildings

    Fatinoğlu Holding, with 30 years of experience, it manufactures in a total of 7 Main Groups, producing 7 manufacturing plants in 3 countries and exporting it’s products to more than 50 countries.


    SANICA, having been established since 1982, is a leading manufacturer and is one of Europe’s 5 largest producers of bathtubs,

     SANICA is a respectable brand well known in the world,

    SANICA Heat panel radiator facilities also were established in 2003 and has one of the largest capacity production plants in Europe. 


    Bath and Spa Group, Reservoir Group, Heat and Installation Group, Combi Group, Infrastructure and Superstructure Pipe Group, Glass Group, Electric Forklift and Stacking Machinery Group.



Glass Buildings

    IVR gained trust and a reputation of reliability amongst the leading operators of the valve business across over 60 countries worldwide. IVR products have obtained approvals from many certification bodies across the globe.


    Recognized globally as a top level ballvalve producer for water, gas and industrial applications for 30 years, recently new steps in the constant evolution process are being taken.


    An environment friendly approach is present at all levels of the production process, great attention is used in the choice of eco-friendly materials. 

    In 2001 a brand new production plant has been built and investments in state of the art machinery have been made. Developed new ranges of products among which valves for heating systems, thermostatic valves, metering units and floor heating equipment.

Glass Buildings

    East-Asia Valve Industrial Co., Ltd locates in Yuhuan town, Zhejiang province, lying in Shamen Bingang Industrial City.

     The company has advanced production equipment's, testing facilities, and quality assurance system, that lead selling its products mainly in North America and in its major hardware stores.

Since 1994, the company pays much attention to its own advantages, that helped established sales network.

    The company participates in the fierce market competition by the spirit of

“Quality First, Credibility First”

gained customers’ trust by its first-class product quality, competitive price and sales service.

Glass Buildings

    iFLOW HVAC Inc. manufactures hydronic furnaces. A hydronic furnace is a component of an HVAC system that transfers and distributes heated or cooled air throughout the ductwork of your home.

    iFLOW hydronic furnaces are used in combination with the best water heaters (tank or tankless), boilers (combi or heat-only), air conditioners and heat pumps in the industry to make heating and cooling performance smarter, quieter, the most comfortable and much more efficient than traditional HVAC options. The flexibility to pair your iFLOW with the most appropriate heating or cooling source equipment enables HVAC pros to create customized solutions to meet the exact needs and specifications of your home.

    Our smart technology HVAC solutions are designed, engineered and manufactured in North America to auto-adapt specifically to meet your indoor comfort needs, regardless of where you live. 

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